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A Diamond Digger’s Anecdotes And Stories – Bert Gerryts


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First Edition, Reach Publishers, 2015, Medium-format Paperback – Biographical – 228pp.

This book has a non-fiction and fiction element to it. The non-fiction part of the book deals, amongst other episodes, with prospecting for diamonds on the Namibian Skeleton Coast; living on the Mwadui diamond mine in Tanganyika, while working for the owner, the famous Doctor Williamson; travelling through the desert in the Sudan and Egypt to Europe in an ordinary passenger car and visiting Japan in the winter to check on a claimed diamond production. The fiction part of the book deals with a variety of short stories, which include: an earth without sun, caused by a sausage, successful diamond theft, an amazing discovery under the microscope and a visit to another planet. “I found your stories enjoyable and original. They were nicely written and entertaining, and I found your book hard to put down! It was super interesting and I read for far longer each day than I usually do, just because I wanted to know what happened next. I loved the twists some stories had as well as others with an excellent moral. Thoroughly enjoyable and wish all edits were like this!” Editor’s comment.

About the author Dr. Bert Gerryts was born in South Africa. He lived in seven countries, working as a geologist for mining companies and eventually as a consultant. During his career he visited twenty-one different countries for clients. He is now retired and lives in South Africa.

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