Big Day Out -Bill James


Bill James is the alter ego of two South African authors who have drunk together, sold books together, and now finally written a book together. That does not make it a bromance. Despite their having collaborated on a steamy sex scene.

Their first book has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Set in Johannesburg in the near future, Big Day Out is a mad mercenary romp through the dystopian nightmare that Covid-19 might have become. Might still become, if we don’t keep our self-appointed leaders on a very short leash.

Good old-fashioned don’t-give-a-toss action. You don’t like it, don’t buy it.

“Complete kak. Not a single witch or demon in the whole book.” – John West, author of the awesome Burning Books series, featuring witches and demons and serial killers.

“Where are the puzzles? And the trains?” – Richard Edwards, author of the even more awesome Puzzle Train series, full of puzzles and trains, islands and castles.

“I didn’t like the ending.” – Connor, main character in Big Day Out.

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