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Black & Gold, Anthony Sampson


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In Black & Gold Anthony Sampson provides an original insight into the critical frontier of the South African crisis – the relationship between international big business and the black political movements on which the country’s  eventual future will depend. He traces vividly the dramatic confrontations when the diamond and gold millionaires first employed black miners a century ago, thereby creating a new kind of urban black nationalism. He describes how the ferocity of Afrikaner apartheid was followed in the sixties by the piling-in of Western multinationals, which the blacks saw as the paymasters and apologists for apartheid. In the climactic chapters he tells the inside story of the attempts by businessmen to defuse the crisis and come to terms with the black resistance, culminating in secret meetings following the two emergencies of 1985 and 1986, and the lobbying and passionate arguments over disinvestment and sanctions.

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