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Boesman and Lena and Other Plays – Athol Fugard


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11th Impression, Oxford University Press; 1989 – Drama – 299 pp.

– Boesman and Lena
– The Blood Knot.
– People Are Living There.
– Hello And Goodbye.
“Boesman and Lena” by Athol Fugard is about two mixed-race vagrants and their ambivalent relationship with an old and sick African, Outa, who speaks no English, only Zulu. Set in apartheid South Africa it prefigures a continual struggle to transcend racism, and is full of the soaring poetry of its author, reaching into the psyches of both the brute Boesman and the flawed madonna Lena at odds over what freedom might bring in any multi-ethnic society.
“A rare playwright, who could be a primary candidate for either the Nobel Prize in Literature or the Nobel Peace Prize.”–Mel Gussow, The New Yorker

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