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Bombshell For The Boss Omnibus – Liz Fielding, Nicola Marsh, Jackie Braun


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Condition : Good.
Mills & Boon, 2012, Paperback.

The Bride’s Baby — Liz Fielding
The wedding of the season!
Events manager Sylvie Smith is organising a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride… a bride who’s five months pregnant!
The bride everyone is talking about!
It should be every girl’s dream to design a wedding with no expense spared, but it’s not Sylvie’s. Longbourne Court was her ancestral home, and she’s just discovered that the new owner is Tom McFarlane—her baby’s secret father. Now Tom’s standing in front of her, looking at her bump.…

Executive Mother-to-Be — Nicola Marsh
From employee to mommy-to-be…
Career-girl Kristen Lewis is at the top of her fi eld. She’s driven, sensible–and her spur-of-the-moment decision to have one perfect night with sexy Nate was totally out of character She puts it behind her…until she’s faced with two shocks: she’s pregnant…with her boss’s baby.
Nathan Boyd, one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, buries himself in his work to forget his private torment. But now he’s faced with a dilemma: the first woman to tempt him in a long time is his employee.

Boardroom Baby Surprise — Jackie Braun
When pregnant Morgan Stevens arrives at wealthy businessman Bryan Caliborn’s office looking for her baby’s father, two things become apparent: she’s mistaken him for his late brother and she’s in labour – in the boardroom!

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