Brilliant Creatures – Clive James


Condition : Good.
Picador, 1984, Medium-format Paperback – Fiction – 317pp.

Young radical writer, David Bentley, who lives in a suitcase with a revolutionary actress, feels his horizons expanding when he meets Charlotte, bravely tolerant wife of ex-celebrity and adulterer Lancelot Windover. And so the farce goes on in Clive James’ first novel.

‘The brilliant creatures of the title live in a world of lost innocence and vast incomes; publishers, writers, media men and consultants, they belong to a charmed circle where everyone knows everybody else’s business and thinks it the most important thing in life. It’s all marvellously clever; Clive James doesn’t miss a trick. It’s funny too. Enjoy, enjoy’ – The Times
‘Foaming with ideas and afterthoughts and after-afterthoughts, Clive James’s first novel is a joy to read. He is nearer to Wodehouse than to Waugh. He is not setting out merely to raise laughs. He takes vigorous swipes at most of the unacceptable faces of society, and, as with all good satirists, there is venom in the indignation’ – Listener
‘I thought I was going to hate Brilliant Creatures, the first novel by Clive James. But before long I found myself greatly enjoying this romping satire of London literary life. The chief pleasure of Brilliant Creatures lies in the writing, which sizzles off the page with a rare merriment’ – Illustrated London News
‘James is up on a tightrope of style, wobbling away, relentlessly funny. James’s achievement, beyond the fizz and the jokes, is to have created characters who begin t be likeable, and who make and live with a decision worth pondering’ – London Review of Books

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