By Any Means – Kurt Ellis


A gritty coming of age story about love, gang violence, retribution and redemption, set in Sydenham, Durban. Kyle lives with his aunt in a matchbox house after his mother’s suicide. He is a hardworking teenager with a promising football career ahead of him; he’s about to get the chance to show his talents to an international scout. Also living in the house are his cousins: Captain, the leader of a gang called the Godfathers, and shy, lisping young Jimmy. Kyle is in a relationship with Amia, beautiful but damaged by her own past. Captain and Nazneen must face her Muslim parents if they are to remain together. Captain works for a powerful dug-dealer called Lazarus. When Tyson, who previously held this position, comes out of jail, conflict ensues. Soon the tension escalates to violence and Kyle, Jimmy and Captain, whose motto is “By Any Means”, find their lives changed beyond recall.

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