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Catholics and Sex: From Purity to Purgatory – Kate Saunders


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Catholics and Sex: From Purity to Purgatory — Kate Saunders, Peter Stanford
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Mandarin, 1992, Paperback – Sexual behaviour – 182pp.

Combining theology and historical research with the experiences of today’s Catholics, who are caught between the ideals of their Church and the realities of their lives, this book accompanies a four-part Channel 4 television series presented by the authors.

It addresses issues such as why believers should have to choose between their faith and a rewarding sex life, why sexual pleasure is automatically wrong and how this state of affairs came about, and what would happen to the Catholic Church if these rules were to be abolished overnight.
The authors do not propose moral anarchy, a sexual free-for-all or an end of loving monogamy, but argue that the true message of Christ has nothing to do with what we do in our bedrooms and everything to do with achieving a more equal and a more just world.

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