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Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry – Elizabeth Hallam


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Chronicles of the Age of Chivalry — Elizabeth Hallam [Editor]
Condition: Good
Salamander Books, 2000, Large-format Paperback – History – 472pp. With over 235 illustrations in color and black and white, 113 mini essays and detailed maps.
From the accession of Henry III in 1261 to the death of Edward III over one hundred and sixty years later, the Plantagenet dynasty reign saw England experience a catalogue of social and political disasters. The book tells the story in the words of the original chroniclers.
Few contemporary accounts are more vivid than the writings of the medieval chroniclers. In this continuation of The Plantagenet Chronicles, the lives and deeds of kings, queens, princes and churchmen are revealed against the background of a world of power, intrigue, brutality and pestilence.

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