Directors on Directing: A Source Book – Toby Cole


Directors on Directing: A Source Book — Toby Cole, ‎Helen Krich Chinoy [Editors]
Condition: Good.
Peter Owen, 1973, Hardback with removable protective plastic wrap – Directors & Directing – 464pp.

Now that directors such as Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, and Francis Ford Coppola are celebrated along-side movie stars, it is hard to imagine that little more than a century ago the director was a nameless, faceless entity-an overseer of workflow in the shuffle of shadows offstage.

In surveying the pioneers who transformed theatre into the dynamic art form it is today, Directors on Directing presents a timeless collection of writings offering insight into what it means to direct and how to better appreciate theatrical performances.

This book has been known for years as the guide to the “unknown theatre” of the director. This collection comprises the voices of the modern theatre as they state their credos and explore their craft. Topics include: the emergence of the director; behind the fourth wall; the art of rehearsal; light and space; and much more.

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