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Enchanted – Nora Roberts


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Series: The Donovan Legacy #4
Rowan Murray, insecure and unhappy with her life, has left her home for an isolated cottage. She meets Liam Donovan and a beautiful black wolf! Her life is about to change.
Fantasy romance.
Silhouette, 1999
Paperback, 331 pp.

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Enchanted – Nora Roberts

Enchanted is a fantasy romance novel written by Nora Roberts, one of the most successful romance authors in the world. The novel was published in 1999 and is set in Ireland, where a young woman named Hoyt Mac Cionaoith is summoned to fight the evil sorcerer Lilith and save the world from her wrath.

Hoyt, a sorcerer himself, is reluctant to join the fight. He has been living a peaceful life in America after being forced to flee Ireland many years ago due to his powers. However, when he receives a call from his twin sister Cian, also a powerful sorceress, he returns to his homeland to confront Lilith.

Together with Cian, his new love interest Glenna, and other magical allies, Hoyt must find a way to defeat Lilith and her army of dark creatures. As they journey through the mystical land of Talamh, they encounter various obstacles and challenges, including betrayal and personal sacrifices.

Meanwhile, Hoyt and Glenna’s relationship is tested as they struggle to balance their love for each other with their mission to save the world. Roberts expertly weaves the romance into the larger narrative, adding depth and emotion to the characters and their journey.

What sets Enchanted apart from other fantasy romance novels is Roberts’ vivid and immersive world-building. She paints a rich and detailed picture of Ireland’s magical history and culture, creating a world that feels both fantastical and real. The descriptions of the magical creatures and their abilities are captivating, and the landscapes and scenery are stunning.

The characters in Enchanted are also well-drawn and compelling. Hoyt is a complex and conflicted protagonist, haunted by his past and struggling with his powers. Glenna is a strong and independent heroine, who is not afraid to speak her mind and fight for what she believes in. The supporting characters, such as Cian and Hoyt’s loyal friend Moira, are also well-developed and add depth to the story.

Overall, Enchanted is a well-crafted and enjoyable fantasy romance novel that will appeal to fans of both genres. Roberts’ world-building and character development are top-notch, and the romance adds an extra layer of emotional depth to the story. Whether you are a fan of Nora Roberts or just looking for a fun and engaging read, Enchanted is definitely worth checking out.