Everyday Drinking: The Distilled Kingsley Amis


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Bloomsbury, 2009, Medium-format paperback – Authors – 302pp.

Here is the beloved, bestselling compendium of Kingsley Amis’s wisdom on the cherished subject of drinking. A gift for anyone who loves good liquor and high-proof prose: a collection of hilarious and deeply informed writings about wine, beer, and cocktails, from one of the all-time authorities.

Along with a series of well-tested recipes (including a cocktail called the Lucky Jim) the book includes Amis’s musings on The Hangover, The Boozing Man’s Diet, The Mean Sod’s Guide, and (presumably as a matter of speculation) How Not to Get Drunk – all leavened with fun quizzes on the making and drinking of alcohol all over the world.
Mixing practical know-how and hilarious opinionation, this is a delightful cocktail of wry humour and distilled knowledge, served by one of our great gimlet wits.

“Kingsley Amis’s drink writing is better than anybody else’s, ever.” Esquire

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