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Friends, Lovers, Chocolate – Alexander McCall Smith


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An Isabel Dalhousie novel.

Publication date: 2005

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Friends, Lovers, Chocolate – Alexander McCall Smith

“Friends, Lovers, Chocolate” is a delightful and heartwarming novel by the renowned author Alexander McCall Smith, published in 2005. As the second installment in the “Isabel Dalhousie Series,” this book continues the journey of the intelligent and inquisitive philosopher and amateur detective, Isabel Dalhousie.

Set in the charming and culturally rich city of Edinburgh, Scotland, the novel follows the life of Isabel, who is known for her astute philosophical musings and her tendency to meddle in the affairs of others. She is the editor of the “Review of Applied Ethics” and leads an intellectually stimulating life. Yet, beneath her composed exterior, she possesses a compassionate and inquisitive nature that often leads her into unexpected adventures.

The heart of the story revolves around Isabel’s penchant for getting involved in the lives of her friends and acquaintances. In “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate,” she finds herself embroiled in a series of interconnected mysteries and dilemmas. From the case of a missing cat to the unearthing of family secrets, Isabel’s curiosity and desire to help others lead her on a journey filled with surprises and self-discovery.

McCall Smith’s storytelling is marked by its gentle and humorous narrative, which is as much about the charm of everyday life as it is about the mysteries Isabel encounters. The novel is imbued with the author’s signature wit and keen observation of human behavior, making it a delightful and engaging read.

Isabel Dalhousie is a complex and endearing character. Her introspective nature and genuine concern for those around her make her a character readers can easily relate to. Her ethical dilemmas, philosophical ponderings, and genuine desire to make the world a better place give depth to her character.

Throughout the novel, McCall Smith explores themes of ethics, friendship, love, and the complexities of human relationships. Isabel’s journey is not just about solving external mysteries but also about exploring her own emotions and desires.

As Isabel navigates the web of relationships and mysteries that surround her, the novel provides a reflective commentary on the moral dilemmas and ethical choices individuals face in their daily lives. It encourages readers to consider the implications of their own decisions and the impact of their actions on others.

“Friends, Lovers, Chocolate” is a celebration of the simple pleasures of life, from savoring good food to engaging in meaningful conversations. It is a reminder that beneath the surface of everyday routines, there are countless stories waiting to be discovered and friendships to be forged.

In conclusion, “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate” is a charming and heartwarming novel that immerses readers in the life of Isabel Dalhousie and her quest to navigate the mysteries of human relationships. Alexander McCall Smith’s writing captures the essence of the everyday with wit and insight, making this book a delightful and thought-provoking read for those who appreciate the beauty of the ordinary and the intricacies of the human heart. It’s a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of the joys and dilemmas that color our lives.


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