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Heinemann – Economics – Learners Book – Grade 11


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Enjoy Economics is expertly designed to meet the needs of the FET curriculum and to help teachers implement the NCS with ease.

There are four modules in this book. Each module covers a learning outcome. Within each module there are units. Each unit covers an assessment standard. By the end of this book you would have reached all learning outcome and assessment standards required for Grade 11.

In the text, you will find different kinds of activities. They are:

  • Extension activities: Their aim is to provide you with a learning experience. For example, you have to: investigate, write an essay, do a project, etc.
  • Economics in action: These activities are either data responses or case studies. The data response activities are mostly extracts from newspapers and journal reports. They focus on contemporary economic issues. The case studies differ in that they are designed to make and appeal for a specific piece of knowledge, understanding, skill, and attitude, or a test to specific competence.
  • Activities. These are daily activities. You can work individually, in pairs, in groups or the whole class.

There are also note boxes in the text. These notes are used to highlight something important!

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