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Hot Ticket – Linnea Due


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Hot Ticket — Linna Due [Editor]

Condition : Good.

First Edition, Alyson Books, 1997, Medium-format Paperback – Travel Stories – 442 pp.

In her smart, brief introduction to this collection of lesbian travel erotica, Linnea Due makes a case for the relationship between travel–which is about displacement, movement, and foreignness–and Eros. This volume brings together work from well-known lesbian authors such as Barbara Wilson, Linda Smukler, and Jess Wells as well as stories by newcomers. The range is astonishing, from a wry vignette of a seduction over a map by Shelly Rafferty to a frightening speculative fiction by Myrna Elana set in a post-holocaust world where people live in underground tunnels. Some of the settings are more expected, such as a night train through Europe, or cyberspace, but all of the stories explore how lesbians cross borders, both sexual and geographic.

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