I(s)land: Between the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea – Robyn Rohm


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G3 Publishers, 2011, Medium-format Paperback – Biographical – 319pp.
Spending three years on a deserted island the size of four rugby fields amid heaps of bird guano and “skinnering” about penguins is not a lifestyle choice for many – but for Eastern Cape nature conservationist Robyn Rohm the experience was an adventure that helped define the rest of her life.
This unique, true story is adapted from the extensive personal journals kept by the newly married Robyn Rohm while living on Bird island off South Africa’s east coast.
During three years that spanned South Africa’s first democratic elections, she and her husband Sean retreated from society to follow their dreams, reassess their lives and work in marine conservation.
This is a story of adventure, of personal transformation – in turns hilarious and heartbreaking, of caring for the environment and of love.

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