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James Joyce’s Ulysses: A Study – Stuart Gilbert


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Penguin, 1969, Medium-format Paperback – Literature – 363pp.

Excerpt from James Joyce’s Ulysses: A Study
The ‘key’ to Ulysses, as M. Valery Larbaud has remarked, is plain to see on’ its title-page: the name ‘ulysses’. It is in the story of the Odyssey that we may find a clue to the obscurities in this modern epic of a Dublin day. And the justification for this approximation of the ancient to the modem is founded on mysticism, ‘upon incertitude, upon unlikelihood’, like the Church, like all the theories that, hot for certainties, sapient man has concocted to solve the scheme of things. In writing this study I have not hesitated to emphasize the importance of the Homeric analogies and to explore certain remote hinterlands of esoteric thought.

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