Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte


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Penguin, 2006, Medium-format paperback – Classics – 554 pp.
A novel of intense emotional power, heightened atmosphere and fierce intelligence, Jane Eyre dazzled and shocked readers with its passionate depiction of a woman’s search for her way in the world.
Written in 1847, Jane Eyre tells the tale of an orphan girl’s progress from the custody of cruel relatives to an oppressive boarding school and its culmination in a troubled career as a governess.
Unique in its attention to the thoughts and feelings of a female protagonist, Jane Eyre was ahead of its time as a proto-feminist text. An unconventional love story that broadened the scope of romantic fiction, Jane Eyre is ultimately the tale of one woman’s fight to claim her independence and self-respect in a society that has no place for her.
‘The masterwork of a great genius’ – William Makepeace Thackeray.
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