Lari’s Castle: A Romantic Mystery – Sheila Mary Taylor


Condition : Very Good.
Bardel, 2015, Large-format Paperback – Fiction – 258pp.

When her uncle dies, Lari Alexander inherits a remote country house on the island of Menorca. Having just suffered the agony of a freak skiing accident which ended both her promising dance career and her engagement to the playboy TV personality, Guy Gillarde, Lari’s mother suggests she travel to the island to sell the house, which the Menorcan lawyer reported is in a dire state of disrepair.

Her life is at a crossroads, but fate is about to step in and point her in a new direction …
At Menorca airport she meets Marc Ortega, a Spanish art dealer, who helps her with her luggage. In spite of having sworn never to fall in love again, Lari is alarmed to realise the uncanny likeness of Ortega to her attractive ex-fiancé. But her common sense prevails, and she is relieved when they part with no plans to meet again.

But Lari does fall immediately in love with the magnificent mansion she has come to sell. All she wants to do now is begin life anew on the beautiful island of Menorca and make Las Cumbres her home.

When she learns that someone is determined to buy her house, she is amazed to discover it is the mysterious Marc Ortega and Senora Carmen Cortes, his partner in a Madrid art gallery. But why are they so interested in Las Cumbres, and in particular the pictures on the walls of the house?

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