Le Morte Darthur: The Seventh and Eighth Tales – Thomas Malory


Condition : Acceptable.
Hodder, 1978, Medium-format Paperback – Classics – 284pp.

A revised and fully annotated edition of the most dramatic part of the most famous story of the Arthurian legend, fully edited and in the original spelling to bring it as close as possible to the mediaeval original.

The Morte Darthur is a superb story of adventure and love, honour and betrayal, and one of the classics of world literature. Malory perfected his art during the writing of the long and complex work and the earlier parts, though excellent, lack the dramatic power and pervasive tragic irony of the passion, war, and society that constitutes the last quarter of the book.

By presenting the last quarter alone, this edition focuses on the greatness of Malory’s achievement and allows the reader to see it and enjoy it more fully.

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