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Port Mortuary – Patrice Cornwell


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Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell

Step into the gripping world of forensic investigation with Patricia Cornwell’s “Port Mortuary.” Dr. Kay Scarpetta, now the director of the Cambridge Forensic Center, faces one of her most complex cases yet. When a young man’s body is discovered with unexplained injuries, Scarpetta’s cutting-edge technology and forensic expertise are put to the ultimate test.

As she delves deeper, Scarpetta uncovers a chilling conspiracy that challenges her skills and threatens her own life. With time running out and the stakes higher than ever, she must unravel the mystery before more lives are lost. “Port Mortuary” is a thrilling journey through the dark corridors of science and human deception, perfect for fans of suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat mysteries.

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