Regarding the Fountain: A Tale, in Letters, of Liars and Leaks – Kate Klise


Condition : Good.
Avon books, 1999, Medium-format paperback – Juvenile Fiction – 138pp.

The Dry Creek Middle School drinking fountain has sprung a leak, so principal Walter Russ dashes off a request to Flowing Waters Fountains, Etc.
… We need a new drinking fountain. Please send a catalog.

Designer Flo Waters responds:
“I’d be delighted … but please understand that all of my fountains are custom-made.”

Soon the fountain project takes on a life of its own, one chronicled in letters, postcards, memos, transcripts, and official documents. The school board president is up in arms. So is Dee Eel, of the water-supply company. A scandal is brewing, and Mr.Sam N.’s fifth-grade class is turning up a host of hilarious secrets buried deep beneath the fountain.

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