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The Bricklayer – Noah Boyd


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There is a brand new master on the thriller scene. Noah Boyd makes a truly spectacular entrance with The Bricklayer—the first in an explosive new series featuring former FBI agent Steve Vail that recalls the #1 bestsellers of John Sandford and Lee Child. An ex-FBI agent himself, Boyd adds gritty insider knowledge and color to this stunning novel, and the word on the street is The Bricklayer is fabulous. Kay Scarpetta’s creator, New York Times bestseller Patricia Cornwell, calls it, “Dazzling,” while Lee Child himself raves, “Non-stop action and non-stop authenticity make this a real winner.”

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The Bricklayer – Noah Boyd

“The Bricklayer” by Noah Boyd is a gripping thriller that introduces readers to the enigmatic and highly skilled former FBI agent, Steve Vail. Boyd, a former FBI agent himself, brings a unique level of authenticity to the story, creating a compelling narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The novel kicks off with Steve Vail living a quieter life as a skilled bricklayer in Chicago, seemingly content with his new profession. However, when the FBI faces a complex and perplexing case involving a series of high-profile bank heists, they turn to Vail for his expertise. Vail, known for his unorthodox methods and his ability to think outside the box, is reluctantly drawn back into the world of law enforcement.

One of the standout aspects of “The Bricklayer” is the character of Steve Vail himself. Vail is a refreshing departure from the typical crime thriller protagonist. He’s not a by-the-book agent; instead, he’s a maverick with a sharp mind and a penchant for unconventional problem-solving. His brash demeanor and relentless pursuit of the truth make him a compelling and memorable character.

As Vail delves into the bank heist cases, he quickly uncovers a trail of clues that lead to a cunning and ruthless criminal organization. Boyd’s intricate plotting and fast-paced storytelling keep readers guessing as Vail races against time to unravel the mystery and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The novel’s action sequences are expertly crafted, adding an adrenaline-pumping element to the story. From high-speed chases to heart-pounding confrontations, “The Bricklayer” delivers on the promise of thrills and excitement. Boyd’s background in law enforcement shines through in the authenticity of the action scenes and investigative procedures.

“The Bricklayer” is also a story of trust and betrayal. As Vail navigates the treacherous waters of the FBI and the criminal underworld, he must rely on his instincts and assess whom he can truly trust. The novel explores the theme of loyalty in a world where alliances can shift in an instant.

Boyd’s writing is crisp and concise, with a sharp focus on character development and plot progression. He keeps the narrative tight, never allowing it to lose momentum. The dialogue is sharp, and the interactions between characters, especially Vail and his FBI counterparts, are filled with tension and intrigue.

In conclusion, “The Bricklayer” by Noah Boyd is a thrilling and intelligent crime novel that introduces readers to a memorable protagonist in Steve Vail. With its complex plot, well-drawn characters, and authentic law enforcement details, the book offers a riveting reading experience that will appeal to fans of the genre. Boyd’s expertise in the field adds a layer of authenticity to the story, making it a must-read for those who enjoy fast-paced crime thrillers with a unique twist.

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