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The Conquest – Elizabeth Chadwick


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The year is 1066 and the world is about to change. Suddenly life in England is going to be completely different, especially for Ailith, a young Saxon wife. It is the year in which she loses both her husband and young son, and the year in which the Normans come, not as friends, but in search of conquest. Ailith’s grief and despair run so deep that she would have done away with herself and joined her husband and son if a handsome, womanizing Norman, Rolf de Brize, had not happened by in the nick of time. Feeling strangely responsible for the woman whose life he has saved, the normally unreliable Rolf installs Ailith as chatelaine of Ulverton, his English estate. Despite his wife and daughter in France, he and Ailith eventually fall in love and have a daughter, Julitta. But can love truly conquer all – even Rolf’s wife’s decision to take her rightful place as mistress of Ulverton, and Ailith’s discovery of a betrayal at the Battle of Hastings that she can never forgive?

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