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The Fire King – Lisa La Grange


Sold by: Boekhoer

Condition: Good.
Blitsdruk, 2011, Medium-format Paperback – YA – 337pp.

Life is a joyride!
The strange city is eerily deserted as Luke, James, and Zoë brace against the frigid night air. Thrust into a visit with a misanthropic uncle, then plunged into a chilling encounter with him, the young siblings despair for the familiarity of their distant village.
Trudging through desolate streets to catch a train home, and unaware that they have entered another dimension, the youngsters accept the help of a homeless man with whom nothing is as it seems.
With each surreal step, new adventures in an unseen realm defy their wildest imaginations–and alter their lives and destinies for all eternity.

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