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The Long Run – The Story of The Eagles, Marc Shapiro


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The Long Run is the first ever biography of the group that named themselves after America’s national bird – and became a household name in the process. With their easy-going country rock and effortless vocal harmonies, the Eagles epitomised the laid-back style of Southern California during the Seventies. Dismissed by critics as a bland retread of the pioneering work done by The Byrds, The Eagles sold millions of records and their landmark album, Hotel California, is widely regarded as a soft rock classic. But behind the scenes all was not well, as the numerous personnel changes testify. Author Marc Shapiro, himself based in Los Angeles, penetrates behind the comfortable image of The Eagles to present a portrait of disharmony, squabbles and drug abuse, at the same time chronicling the enormous success of their records and the day to day pressures that eventually broke up the band.

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