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The Paperboy – Pete Dexter


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The Paperboy – Pete Dexter

The Paperboy by Pete Dexter is a gripping and haunting novel set in Florida during the 1960s. The story follows the investigation of a murder case by two journalists and two siblings, Jack and Ward James, who are investigating the case in an attempt to exonerate the convicted murderer, Hillary Van Wetter.

The novel explores themes of race, justice, and morality in a setting that is both eerie and captivating. The characters are complex and flawed, with their own motivations and secrets that are slowly revealed as the story unfolds. The relationship between the James brothers is a particularly interesting one, with Ward being the upstanding journalist and Jack being the reckless and impulsive one. The two siblings’ contrasting personalities complement each other, making for an engaging and compelling read.

The setting of the novel, small-town Florida in the 1960s, is a character in itself. The hot and humid atmosphere of the town is vividly portrayed, and the tension between the white and black communities adds an extra layer of complexity to the story. The racial tensions are also explored through the character of Hillary Van Wetter, who is a white man accused of murdering a white sheriff but is perceived by the town as a “n***er lover” due to his relationship with a black woman.

The Paperboy is not just a murder mystery, but also a commentary on the flaws and prejudices of the justice system and the people who uphold it. The novel raises questions about who we believe and why, and the consequences of blindly following our beliefs without questioning them.

Overall, The Paperboy is a compelling and evocative read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. The characters and setting are expertly crafted, and the themes explored in the novel are still relevant today. If you’re a fan of mysteries, crime novels, or just great literature in general, then The Paperboy is a must-read.

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