Too Soon to Panic – Gordon Forbes


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First Edition, Viking, 1995, Hardback with removable protective plastic wrap – Memoirs – 287pp.

An insider’s account of the world of pro tennis — from Ashe to Agassi.

“Too Soon To Panic” is Gordon Forbes’s long-awaited sequel to his hilarious, best-selling look at the international tennis tour, A Handful of Summers. With his entree into the sport’s hidden corners and the keen insights and observations of a writer undercover, Forbes reveals the goings-on of the international tennis circuit from the late sixties to the early nineties with the same humor and exuberance that made A Handful of Summers a cult classic.

“Too Soon To Panic” brings us from the era of Arthur Ashe through the reigns of Vilas and Borg and into the period dominated by John McEnroe and Andre Agassi. We meet players, coaches, and the myriad other characters of the tennis
world in their moments of great triumph, humiliating defeat, bad behavior, and daring escapades.

Written with mastery and grace, “Too Soon To Panic” is sure to take its place beside its predecessor as another great tennis treasure.

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