Under Currents – Nora Roberts


The Bigelows seem like the perfect family, but teenager Zane and his sister Britt are terrorized by their violent father until one dark brutal night when their father’s terrible temper takes a horrifying turn for the worse…

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Under Currents – Nora Roberts

Under Currents, a gripping novel by renowned author Nora Roberts, delves into the depths of family secrets, resilience, and the healing power of love. Set in a small town, this emotionally charged story takes readers on a captivating journey of self-discovery and redemption.

The story revolves around Zane Bigelow, a successful and talented architect who appears to have it all. But behind his charming facade lies a painful past marred by domestic abuse. Growing up in a seemingly idyllic family, Zane and his sister, Britt, suffered in silence, trapped in a web of violence orchestrated by their respected and influential parents.

As Zane returns to his childhood home as an adult, he is haunted by memories and determined to confront the demons that have haunted him for years. With the support of his close-knit community and the blossoming romance with Darby McCray, a woman who understands his pain, Zane begins the arduous journey of healing and breaking free from the shadows of his past.

While Zane seeks redemption, a chilling mystery unfolds, threatening to upend the fragile peace he has fought so hard to find. As the secrets of his family’s dark history come to light, Zane must confront the shocking truth and find the strength to protect himself and those he loves.

Nora Roberts weaves a complex tapestry of characters, each with their own scars and resilience. Through her vivid descriptions and nuanced storytelling, she explores the profound impact of abuse on individuals and the power of love and community to heal even the deepest wounds.

Under Currents is a poignant exploration of the complexity of human relationships, showcasing Roberts’ ability to delve into the depths of emotions and the enduring strength of the human spirit. With its mix of heart-wrenching moments, heartwarming connections, and pulse-pounding suspense, the novel keeps readers captivated from beginning to end.