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What a life! – Dewit Wolde Giorgis

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The fascinating life of the man who led the struggle against the most devastating famine Ethiopia has ever known and who fought to depose the dictator whose indifference had caused it. From his early life in Ethiopia as a soldier, diplomat, and governor of Eritrea to his subsequent humanitarian work in the killing fields of Rwanda, Liberia, Angola and other trouble spots in Africa, Dawit’s compassion shines through. But there is more to this autobiography than the story of a life. As he narrates his travels through the continent, he introduces us to its leaders , many of whom he has known Nyerere, Mugabe, Sankara. It reads like a history of Africa. It also contains a thorough analysis of some of the most difficult problems facing the failures of democracy, the unsatisfactory role of the UN in peacekeeping, the youth problem, the movements that led to Eritrean independence and now threaten to break Ethiopia apart. It is an extraordinary accomplishment.

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