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What Is Good?: The Search for the Best Way to Live – AC Grayling


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First Edition, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2003, Hardback with removable protective plastic wrap – Philosophy- 241pp.

A.C. Grayling answers the most important question – How do we live a good life?
One of the most fundamental questions in our life is to find out what we value – what principles we want to live by and which codes we will use to guide our behaviour. Most of us want to live a good life. But what, in today’s secular society, does ‘good’ actually mean?

To classical Greeks, the acquisition of knowledge, the enjoyment of the senses, creativity and beauty were all aspects of life to strive for. Then came the volcanic declarations of St Paul and his fundamentalist ideas on sin and human nature. In WHAT IS GOOD?, A.C. Grayling examines these and other proposals on how to live a good life, from the ‘heroic’ ideals of the Greek poets to Kant’s theories on freedom and the UN Declaration on Human Rights.

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