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The Dark Tower Volume 4
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Wizard and Glass – Stephen King

Wizard and Glass is the fourth book in Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series. The book takes a step back from the main quest and focuses on Roland’s past and the story of his first love.

The book opens with Roland, Eddie, Susannah, and Jake continuing their quest to reach the Dark Tower. They are transported to a world that is a strange mix of the old west and medieval times. There, they encounter a strange glass sphere that shows Roland’s past. The rest of the book is a flashback to Roland’s youth, where he tells the story of his first love and the tragic events that led to the fall of his kingdom.

The majority of the book is set in a town called Mejis, where Roland and his two closest friends, Alain and Cuthbert, are sent on a mission to stop a plot against the ruling family. Along the way, Roland meets Susan Delgado, the daughter of a local landowner, and the two begin a passionate love affair. However, their love is threatened by the political machinations of the town’s leaders and the looming threat of an evil sorcerer known as the Crimson King.

The story of Roland’s past is told with King’s signature blend of horror, suspense, and action. The characters are complex and well-drawn, and the romance between Roland and Susan is both tender and tragic. The book also explores the themes of love, loss, and the consequences of power, which are central to the entire series.

One of the strengths of Wizard and Glass is its vivid world-building. The town of Mejis is a fully-realized and immersive setting, filled with interesting and colorful characters. King also introduces new creatures and magical elements to the world, expanding on the mythology and lore of the series.

Wizard and Glass is a departure from the previous books in the series, but it is a necessary one. The book provides crucial backstory for Roland, fleshing out his character and giving context to his quest for the Dark Tower. The book also sets up important plot points that are explored in later books in the series.

Overall, Wizard and Glass is a masterful addition to the Dark Tower series. It is a book that rewards careful reading and attention to detail, and it adds depth and complexity to an already rich and engaging world. Fans of the series will not be disappointed.

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